Color Matched TLS Cooke Speed Panchros

  • TLS Rehoused 18mm Series 3 T2.3

  • TLS Rehoused 25mm Series 3 T2.2

  • TLS Rehoused 32mm Series 2 T2.3

  • TLS Rehoused 40mm Series 1 T2.3

  • TLS Rehoused 50mm Series 2 T2.3

  • TLS Rehoused 75mm Series 2 T2.3

  • TLS Rehoused 100mm Deep Field T2.8

Cooke 18-100mm Varotal T3 

  • Heden M26T Motor

  • 18" 19mm Rods

  • Wooden Camera Universal Lens Support

  • Arri 150mm to 156mm Step Up Ring

Cine-Mod Leica "R" Set - EF Mount

  • 24mm Elmarit-R F2.8

  • 35mm Summicron-R F2

  • 50mm Summicron-R F2

  • 60mm Macro Elmarit-R F2.8

  • 90mm Summicron-R F2

  • 135mm Elmarit-R F2.8

Sigma Art Series Zooms - EF Mount

  • Sigma 18-35 T2

  • Sigma 50-100 T2

Tokina 11-20 F2.8 - EF Mount


Flanders CM250 10-Bit 25" Monitor

Sony A170 OLED 17" Monitor

  • Hoodman Sunshade

  • Gold Mount Plate

SmallHD 702 Bright 7" Monitor

  • Wooden Camera Directors Monitor Cage V2

  • Gold Mount Battery Plate

  • Two LP6 to P-Tap Cables

Video Devices PIX-E7 7" Monitor/Recorder

  • DVANZ Handheld Directors Cage

  • Wireless Bracket

  • Hoodman Sunshade

  • Gold Mount Plate

  • V-Lock Plate

  • Two 500GB Speed Drives

  • Two Watson NP-F975 Batteries

  • NP Battery Charger

  • P-Tap Power Cable

TV Logic VFM-058W 5.5" 1080p Monitor

  • Hoodman Sunshade

  • Canon BP Battery Plate With Teradek Power Modification

  • Four Canon BP-955 Batteries

  • Two Position BP Battery Charger

  • Three P-Tap to Mini XLR Power Cable

  • Noga Arm

Bolt 500 3:1 Wireless Video System

  • Bolt 500 SDI Transmitter

  • Three Bolt 500 SDI Receivers

  • Four Teradek BNC

  • Five P-Tap to Lemo Power Cables

  • Three AC to Lemo Power Cables



Sony FS7 With Extension Unit

  • Arri FS7 Baseplate

  • Wooden Camera FS7 Top Plate

  • Three 128GB Sony XQD Cards

  • Metabones EF, PL, and Nikon Lens Mounts

  • Anton Bauer Gold Mount Adapter

  • Four Switronix 98wh Gold Mount Batteries

Panasonic GH5 

  • Panasonic GH5 Camera Body With V-Log Option

  • Panasonic DMW-XLR1 XLR Module

  • Movcam GH5 Cage With Top Handle

  • Metabone T SpeedBooster Ultra 0.71 EF Adapter

  • Three 128GB Sandisk Extreme 300MB/s SD Cards

  • Six Panasonic GH5 Batteries

Bolex H16 Reflex 16mm

  • Switar 10mm T1.6

  • Switar 25mm T1.4

  • Switar 75mm T1.9


Sachtler Video 20S1 Head

  • Sachtler ENG 2 CF HD Legs

  • Tuffpak Case

  • Sachtler Soft Case Available Upon Request

Arri LMB-6 Mattebox

  • Arri Carbon Fiber Top Flag

  • Arri LMB-6 Hard Matte Set

  • Arri 156mm Back

O'Connor O'Box Mattebox 

  • O'Connor Top Flag

  • 15mm Rod Block

  • O'Connor Universal Ring (150-80mm)

Preston MicroForce V+F2

  • Preston Bracket for O'Connor and Sachtler Systems

  • Preston P-Tap Cable

Arri BP-8

  • Wooden Camera 12" Universal Dovetail

Shape 15mm Handgrips 

Vocus 15/19mm Leather Handgrips

Benro 100mm Hi-Hat


Litepanels Gemini 2x1 LED Light

Kino Celeb 201 LED Light

Two Source Four 750 Watt Lekos


Three 40” Matthews C-Stands (Black)

  • Soft Rolling Case

Matthews Low Boy Junior Stand Roller

4x4’ Scrim Jim Kit

  • 4x4’ 3/4th Stop Diffuser

  • 4x4’ Silver/White Bounce

Digital Juice Pro Flag Kit (36”x24”)